I love that with my blog I'll be meshing some of my personal life and my business together! This will help keep current clients connected and also gives prospective clients a glimpse of who I am behind the lens.

This week I went up to Seattle to visit my longtime and forever friend Natalie. She just moved up to Seattle about a month ago, so getting the opportunity to see her new stomping grounds was a must! I'm OBSESSED with Seattle, guys. It's such a fun city and I thoroughly appreciate my awesome tour guide (Natalie, duh!) to show me some true gems that Washington has to offer. 

I'm not going to lie, this California chick isn't accustomed to PNW weather. Like at all. I was in a total weather shock, but nothing made me happier than being able to wear super warm clothes. Los Angeles can get cold, but NEVER have I experienced these frosty temperatures.

*Cue the scarves and big jackets*

On the second day I was there we ventured up to the mountains. Our initial goal was to go to Leavenworth (a cute mountain town), but came to a complete halt when we pulled to the side of the road and realized we had to get snow chains on the car. If you followed along on my Instagram story you likely saw how that one played out! (TWO CHAINZZZ) Needless to say, we didn't make it up to Leavenworth, BUT we did have a killer time enjoying the scenery our drive had to offer and pulled off a few times to absorb the view and snap some photos. Such a fun, spontaneous day!

On Wednesday, Natalie and I traveled South to meet up with my website designer and friend Emma Rose. Ya'll know I have been raving about her and my site, but she's even more awesome to hangout with in person. She brought along her daughter Riley (my new BFF) and babysitter Madi who was so fun to spend the day with. Us 5 braved the super cool temps in the CUTEST costal town you could ever imagine. I didn't want to leave. It almost looked like a movie set in the Universal backlots or something. But, nope. Real town. Real people. And no, it wasn't Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls, however, I did feel like a Gilmore in this town for a hot minute. I was smitten the whole time and definitely will be back! We got some heart-eye worthy photos during our visit.

In addition to these fun adventures, we ate delicious food and Natalie took me to the yummiest coffee shops! Seattle knows coffee. Just doesn't compare! And no, I'm not just talking about Starbucks and Seattle's Best. Also, you'll never mind being in traffic because you literally feel like you are in the middle of a Christmas tree farm while you drive. YES, massive looking Christmas trees on the side of the road. NO. BIG. DEAL.

Below are some favorite highlights from the trip! Hope you enjoy and it inspires you to visit the PNW! 

Images taken by me, Natalie, and some of me by Emma Rose

And a few iPhone shots below for good measure... ;)

And a few iPhone shots below for good measure... ;)