Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be officially launched for you all to see. Yay! I'm still in disbelief that ABP turns 6 years old in a matter of days. I couldn't be more grateful! So, what better way to celebrate than to launch a new website and rebrand?

I wanted to first start off by thanking my amazing website designer, Emma Rose, for creating this beautiful and clean site for me to grow with for years to come. This literally wouldn't be here without her! From the very first phone call I had with her I knew she was going to make this a very personal experience for me. She heard my every thought and vision, and made it a reality. And you want to know the best part of the whole gig? We became friends! Win, win.

Anyway, I hope you all love the new site! My main goal for this website was to make sure it was easy to navigate and I was able to provide a proper amount of information for my clients. The site itself is simple - nothing elaborate, just easy, clean, and beautiful!

What's different about this new site is the following...

  • I'll be blogging! This will allow current and prospective clients to see an example of what a gallery will look like, as well as a little information on the actual session itself. People will be able to see my style of work and how I capture. I will also be doing life posts from time to time so you all feel connected to me on a personal level! I'll be sure to hook it up with a good recipe or home decor tip, too. If you know me, you know that I love my clients and keeping a connection is so important to me.
  • There is a calendar! A what? Yes, a calendar! On the inquire page you'll be able to see some of my upcoming sessions and days I have available. I will be updating the calendar as much as I possibly can to ensure clients are aware of my availability. 
  • Subscribe to my mailing list! I promise I won't spam ya! Being a part of my mailing list allows clients to be the first to know what new services are being added or offered, as well as staying up to date on what is going on with ABP. The mailing list will be very essential come holiday session booking time. 

I hope you all respond well to the new site and I'd love to hear what you think! I can't wait for what is to come next year and thank you to everyone that's been a part of this crazy journey thus far. I truly couldn't imagine doing anything else. I'm blessed to be given the opportunity to do what I love everyday, without fear or hesitation. It has been a gift being able to share my experiences with you all.

Just getting started,