Brian and I have been together for over 4 years, but have known each other since we were 8 years old. It's so fun to do life with someone who knows a lot of the same things you do about growing up (we went to the same elementary, junior high, and high school). We never hung out growing up and basically came from different backgrounds completely - to put things in more simpler terms, he was the life of the party and everyone loved him, and I was pretty much a nobody (haha!). We knew each other, but definitely experienced our adolescent years differently!

Flash forward to end of 2012, somehow we exchanged numbers and formed a friendship. It was completely platonic, we just enjoyed long conversations about life. He was the easiest person to talk to and was always so engaged when we spoke (lucky me, he still is!). I remember so vividly being in my friends living room when him and I were exchanging text messages one night and said, "I'm going to end up with this guy some day." I think that was May-ish 2013. Friendship then grew to interest, and after several months of back and forth we finally went out on our first date December of 2013. New Years Day a couple weeks later was the definitive date where we knew this was more than just a couple good dates. We've been together ever since.

We've been through so much together. SO MUCH. We've experienced certain things that some relationships will never experience in a lifetime. I believe that these experiences gave us the strong foundation to have such a strong bond, respect, and love for one another. It's never felt easier to be with someone. It's always made sense. The greatest gift is being able to be 100% vulnerable with another person, unapologetically and so completely without fear or hesitation. 

Brian is the most honorable, genuine, kind, intelligent and special person I have ever met in my whole life. He literally always has a good attitude and can make friends with ANY and EVERYONE. I'm so envious of that incredible quality he has. He makes everybody feel like somebody and thats one of my most favorite things about him. Brian is the poster man for what every father wishes their daughter to find. He exceeds every quality tenfold. I know my dad will concur with that statement. He's one of the rare, good ones. The BEST one. And yeah, I have no idea how I was lucky enough to score him...and keep him! Luck exists I guess.

Now, at this point I know what you may be thinking - "Ok, ok we get it he's amazing!" So, I will end it here with a slideshow of his life. Everyone included in this video means something to him.

To my love, Happy 26th Birthday! Enjoy your golden birthday! I'm so grateful to share this day and everyday with you. Thank you for choosing me, I'll never stop choosing you. You have my heart forever.

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